The Fear of Taking that First Big Step (Part 3)

Get The Blinders On

That first big step requires narrowing our vision. We simply can't take a big step, let alone run a great race, without blocking out distractions. Where we're going is inextricably linked to where we're looking. God's greater plan and destination for our life will be challenged by fearful distractions. This is why one of the most powerful truths in scripture involves getting focused - "Don't look to the left or the right." Spiritual blinders are mandatory equipment when fear has a grip on us. This first big step can only really happen when we get the blinders on.

There’s another subtlety about fear. That fear that creeps up in us is looking for an excuse. Fear can find compelling reasons not to take that first big step. Without blinders, some distractions appear to look better than ever before. It's a mirage. The fear that grips us is always looking for a way out, or a compelling reason not to step out. Our fear just needs the smallest excuse to never take that first big step. There's a good reason why we need blinders. Our fear is looking for an excuse and compromise loves company. It's true, compromise can't stand to be left behind. Because of this you can't afford to take a peak. It's God who authored the vision for your life and it's God who will perfect it. Get the blinders on and let God get to work. 

But spiritual blinders aren’t nearly as much about blocking out the periphery, it’s more about getting so intently focused on our leader that nothing can distract us. Yes, Jesus is ultimately the only leader to follow so our full attention and affection must be fixed on him. He wrestled with big steps, but he broke through and ran the race to his death, so that we could live. But the grave could not hold him so we don’t fix our eyes on a cross or even an empty tomb, Jesus is risen. Get the blinders on, we have a big first step that we have to take.

Proverbs 4:27, Hebrews 12:2