The Fear of Taking that First Big Step (Part 4)

Plan To Get Wet

When dealing with a fear of taking that first step we have to be honest enough to own what could potentially happen. When you put your toe in the Jordan that stands before you, you may witness a parting of the waters, but you may well not. God is always at work and He may do a miracle, but we might have to get wet. We can't impose on God how He delivers us, just know that He will. When Joshua was initially called by God to make his crossing he had no idea how the miracle of crossing the Jordan would happen. He didn't know if God would send rafts or provide the strength for the entire nation to swim for it. But Joshua knew one critical thing, and this we must allow God to etch on the walls of our minds: If God has placed a dream on our heart, he has the plan and the power to get us from here to there.

Every crossing in our life must be a God thing. But a “God thing” doesn’t come in a tidy package. Faith is at the heart of every crossing. And faith without a little trembling would be a little odd. So we need to anchor ourselves in truth when we step out in faith. God is "doing a new thing" and he will “make a way”. Just when we think we will die of thirst in a wilderness, God will bring river for relief and to quench our thirst. Faith doesn't remove fear, but faith in God to make a way can bust us trough our fears.

So we have one thing to do. Make plans for the obvious. If there is a mountain in front of us, plan to climb it. If there are tar pits, plan to weave carefully and step gingerly around them. And if there is a river, plan to get wet. The Jordan was ultimately stopped up and the river bed wasn't even damp - it was dry. But that came after the crossing began. Don't wait for the miracle. Maybe you are the miracle. Don't look around, jump in. In all the forecasting God gives us, he almost never gives us the details of the plan. That's for one simple reason: The dream God has given us can only been realized through utter dependence. Faith is what keeps us from falling away, and faith is what gives us follow-through. I don't know how God will get you there. He may do something for you he's never pulled off before. But either way, plan to get wet. 

Isaiah 43:19