The Fear of Taking that First Big Step (Part 5)

Don't Wait For Doubters, Stragglers Or Pretenders

Compassion is a dynamite character quality. It reflects the image of God to a cynical world. Compassion is the stuff that drove God to save us. But it's never compassionate to stay back with doubters, stragglers or pretenders when God says "go over…”. The very best leverage we can have in the life of someone we love or people group we care for is from a position of strength. God asks us to "seek first the kingdom of God". The best gift for anyone captive to the kingdom of darkness is to offer a lifeline from the kingdom of light. Don’t fear stepping away from doubters, stragglers or pretenders. When we keep in step with God we’ll have something to offer those we left behind.

This may require us to tear ourselves away from people who are not ready to "go over...". God uses people who are strong in Christ and fully alive to spiritually resuscitate the struggling. So the best gift we can give anyone is to never compromise our proximity to God, no matter how tough that love may appear. Love will leave people for a time, in order to watch God work over the long haul. Jesus said it, "YOU must follow me".

Connecting with people who are hurting is never an option. But compromising our calling to assist someone in danger is like a suicide pact, both of you will ultimately die. Yes we can help someone get a win, but only when we take a bold personal step toward victory. When God clearly says "go over...", don't wait for doubters, stragglers or pretenders. Doubters need to see the evidence of God's hand on our life. Stragglers need to witness the reward of courage and commitment. And pretenders need a vivid picture of how God honors authenticity. Never fear stepping out in faith, God can help people more through a healthy you, than an enabling you. 

Take that first big step. Never turn back until your foot is on the rock that God has set before us. If you feel like you're going it alone (from a human standpoint), you might well be for a time. But you're in the company of a loving, mighty and friendly God. Walk the road less traveled, climb the mountain that appears impassable, and swim the river if we must. But for God's glory, our joy and any who may be watching - "go over…".

Matthew 6:33, John 21:20-22