Man To Man

Every man needs a shot of courage, pep talk or just someone who believes in him when he doesn’t believe in himself. The biggest threat to chivalry isn’t the culture we live in, it’s the resistance we experience between our ears. Self doubt and timidity can seem to creep in through the slightest cracks. This is why we all need an honest talk from time to time–man to man.

There was a young follower of Jesus who had a mentor named Paul. Paul wrote Timothy a couple letters and every word drips with passion and relevance. One epic verse hits Timothy and all men today, right between the eyes of our soul. "God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (II Tim. 1:7). Let’s break it down, there’s some great stuff to digest here. 

  • FEAR and cowardice is not something God places within a man. It’s not to be tolerated and fear is never to become a part of our operating system. Simply put, if God has not given us this spirit of fear it can only have evil origins and evil intent.
  • POWER is the deposit of God that enables us to take the spiritual high ground. God’s power makes us king of the mountain with fear only trying to take us down. This power is a “controlling influence” that enables the man of God to stay faithful.
  • LOVE is the pinnacle and essence of God’s power. When a man pushes back fear with God’s power it doesn’t enable him to be reckless or selfish, it empowers him to love–chivalry is the man under the power of God.
  • SELF-CONTROL is more than the ability to not be fearful or cowardly. Self-control here implies the gaining of wisdom and depth. 

Here’s an alternate translation model by Daniel C. Arichea.

For God did not cause us to be cowards. Instead he caused us to have hearts full of strength, to love other people, and to keep control over ourselves.

What an amazing challenge for any man. Paul told Timothy that when you feel kicked down and on the ground, get back on the proverbial horse and ride. Nothing more tests what a man is controlled by than when we are called to be biblically chivalrous. But never surrender to fear. And when you feel like you’ve succumbed to timidity, remember the words of Paul to Timothy. We all need to hear it, man to man.