The Code

God made the code for men both clearly visible and totally achievable. Yes, the beauty of the code is that any man can take hold of it. The code is not held in secret, the secret of the code is to securely hold it. If you can grasp the code you’ll find that doors will swing open. All manner of opportunities are discovered for the man who is willing to embrace the code. The career you’ve dreamed of, the cause you desire to sink your teeth into, the unique pursuit that fits you to a tee, and the woman you want to love; it can all become reality when we live-out the code. Some men wish they’d had a better pedigree, got started earlier, received more of a hand up, or was married to a different woman. But the real difference maker is not what happens “out there”. Get this! Circumstances can’t hold back a man who is resolved to live by the code. When a man jumps head long into the God-given code, the sun breaks through, dreams look doable, and the future is bright. Here’s the code:

The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. (Genesis 2:15)

Part A: “Work It"

God placed man into creation and gave him a couple clear commands. Part A is “work it”! There’s other words that capture Part A of the code: “till-toil-exert-serve-accomplish”. But if we could just talk man-speak for a moment, "Work it” means: God wants men to rise early, bust their tail, engage the brain, break a sweat, shower off, eat real nice, relax a bit, and go to bed satisfied. Now we could put it in more flowery terms but why do that when God told Adam to “work it”. 

What’s hard work got to do with chivalry? Everything! A man who works hard has self-respect, healthy pride, and his head is held high enough so he can see the needs of his woman instead of staring at his feet. This is the most overlooked secret of manhood. Busting our tail can transcend our lack of natural talent or the absence of advanced training. And men, when your woman sees you busting your tail and working hard to provide, it’s called foreplay. 

Four Big Don’ts 

  • Don’t see hard work as a penalty, it almost always brings deep satisfaction.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other guys, a bunch of the other guys are lazy.
  • Don’t wait for something to happen, even a wheel needs a push to get rolling.
  • Don’t stop at good enough, it’s the last 5% that makes the biggest difference.