The Code part B - "Keep It"

Nuturing and care aren't traits that are reserved for woman only. Manhood is never lost in caring for that which God entrusts to a man, manhood is proven by caring for what God has given us, more than just consuming what we can get. The payoff for all men is in the "keeping" of what we've busted our tail to work for. Whatever we hunt, gather, or just plain worked hard to receive, must be closely followed by a passion to never loss it and to actually grow it...nurture it. This is the secret for blessed men, this is how great men are built to last. We're more than marauders who travel through life consuming all we can. Chivalry and chivalrous men know The Code. Real men "work it" and "keep it".

To "keep it" is so much more than holding onto to what you've worked for. This is about carefully and watchfully caring for what you've gained. Most of us men are better at hunting and gathering than we are at cultivating and nuturing that which we've worked for. Don't beat yourself up. Because of our propensity to miss the mark, lack of role models and the constant temptation to take short cuts, we have a battle on our hands. This “keep it” pat of The Code is the high bar and calling of man that requires power beyond ourselves. Bootstrapping and will power won't cut it. But to keep what we’ve worked for is where the huge payoff begins. A woman needs and deserves a man who will lay down his life and invest some sweat equity in "keeping" the woman God has entrusted to him. 

Men, we can work hard to date, woo, and walk our woman to the alter of marriage, but the real jazz of life is in the caring and cultivating of that relationship for a lifetime. Almost any man can go get a bride, but it's a real man who can sacrifice daily and cause his bride to feel that love surrounding her–that man wins big.

Four Big Don'ts

  • Don’t settle into false macho, love is more than an event of conquest.
  • Don’t make empty promises, do everything to be a man of your word.
  • Don’t play the blame game, look at our own life because that we can control.
  • Don’t buy a lie that your marriage can’t get better, God can do anything, and he wants to use you!

Gen. 2:15