Death To Shame

Nothing is so widely experienced and so universally hidden as Shame. Shame stings from the shadows, it's like arsenic to our soul! The Committee (Satan and demons) has mastered the process of collecting and storing up our personal sins, feelings of always doing or saying the wrong things, painful labels pinned on us and unbearable events from our past. Then at the very moment that our soul flickers with sense of hope, The Committee opens that vial with our name on it and dispenses a small dose of shame. One strategically placed drop can dampen the beginnings of joy. Shame clouds God's vision for a richer future and hope is swallowed up by a sense of our failure or inadequacy. Here's some great news, all of this has God more than a little ticked off. God grieves over your shame...and He hates what it's doing to you. Hang on, how God deals with it is nothing less than wild and amazing!

Secrecy is shames strength and isolation is the cousin of secrecy. Shame may be impacting your entire life or just a particular area of your life but shame needs to be forced from the shadows. Get this in your hands: Shame can't hide if you refuse to participate! The greatest invitation of God is to "draw near", step out from the dark, drag shame with you, and give it to God. Now watch God work! He grabs a bucket of true Holy water. God "washes our body" and even does a deep cleanse or our "evil conscience". But he's not done. God ceremonially takes all that is impure and "treads it under His foot". There's more. He gathers up the crushed sin puts it in a sack, ties the sack to a large rock, and pitches it "into the depths of the sea". God then asks us "do you see that"...we say "NO, I can't see anything". Just then we look back over our shoulder to catch a glimpse of God–He's just smiling and nodding. What a mind blowing, soul liberating and deeply loving Father!

Take a risk. The moments of trembling with your first step into the light will be drowned out by waves of God's peace. Now your life is germinating in the soil of grace. Joy begins to grow and just when you see another threat coming your way, raise this shout at enemy armies, "I have set my face like a flint, and I know I will not be put to shame". Never underestimate two important things about God: How much he loves you and how much he grieves over your shame. There will be plenty of times when shame tries to return but God hoses us down with His cleansing yet again. Funny thing, God keeps repeating that sin stomp and sack toss into the deepest seas. If it seems like God gets a kick out of striking a death blow to shame it's because He really does. Step forward right now, "hold fast the confession of our hope", God's shower of grace is overwhelming!

Heb. 10:19-23, Micah 7:19, Is. 50:7