Never Give Up! (my friend Vince)

Don't give up on people. No, we can't throw our time and treasure at unrepentant folks. But when God puts someone in our path and they keep getting up, are willing to face the music of truth, and turn to follow Jesus yet again...Go with them. 

Jesus arrived on the scene to save sinners and condemn hypocrisy. He would wade into the lives of the "losers" and "low life's" who recognized their spiritual poverty, more than lock arms with those who wouldn't admit their brokenness and need for God. 

I had a dear friend who rocked my world and many others. Vince was a piece of work, just like all of us. He battled with addiction. He was hooked on heroin, crack and about anything else that could alter ones mind. And when he came to Jesus, he came all the way. 

I prayed with him...wept with him...wrestled with him...struggled with him...repented with him...argued with him...laughed with him...and dreamed with him. But he didn't make it. I was brokenhearted to see Vince go. I gave it my best...but God gave His all! I know that some people are saved...but still live enslaved. 

Here's the kicker. God gave me more through Vince than Vince could have ever known. I learned patience, the power of truth, and how to get ripped off but not let it steal my joy. It's never a waste...I'll see vince on the other side.

This was our family picture with Vince (on the far right) four years ago.