Gifting: You have it...Discover it

The best way to discover your spiritual gift is to get your life engaged in the lives of others. When we get moving we'll discover two things: 1. We begin to get pulled toward things we love to do and that bring us joy. 2. We'll also have other people recognize and affirm those things we actually excel at doing.

Gift discovery is this 1-2 punch: self-discovery and affirmation. God can and will direct you into your sweet spot when you move into the lives of others. But never make assumptions without having your passions confirmed by others. Gifts tests are great but the best way I've seen people discover gifts is engaging in the lives of people.

Couple quick additional thoughts. Explore and push the boundaries of conventional wisdom. Sometimes the gift you have is outside the box of convention. Also, don't let people promote you out of your gifting. You can be crushing it and get offered to take a role that slides you into weakness. Example: Some pastors are great teachers or mercy givers but get lulled into thinking, or promoted into the role of leader. Their joy dries up and, tragically, joy dries up in those they now lead.

Find your gift and stay with it!