Resistance Happens

Every positive resolution will face resistance, period! When we underestimate or diminish the strength and power of resistance, we do it to our own peril. We can’t saunter into life-change. It’s taken by force or it won’t happen. 

Maybe you think you’re not a fighter, well you better become one because we’re in a war. This war is unconventional and we can’t fight it in our own power. Resistance comes at us in varied and creative ways but all resistance can be put in a few simple categories:

  • Prideful Self-confidence - Yes, we can be our own worst enemy. Don’t blame on Satan what can only be explained by our own pride. Being unaware or unconvinced of our need for God can put us on our face faster than any demonic attack. Don’t “think you stand” or you’re set up to take a big fall. (I Cor. 10:12)
  • Strategic Satanic Attack - Satan is not a theory or a metaphor – Satan is real. Evil both exists and is strategic. There is an attempt to angle for our destruction and take us down at a point of weakness. This is why we can NEVER let down our spiritual guard. (Eph. 6:10)
  • Reckless People - Yep, people are a big source of resistance. Often they are enemies who want to harm us but at times they’re even friends who are speaking without thinking. Jesus indicted that it’s possible to be all-in with God and miss his will and way. Don’t take every word you hear as wise – always check it with the word.

Resistance with happen. It’s as certain as the rising sun. Knowing it’s coming is half the battle.