"When You Go Out To War"

Between the bookends of creation and the new heaven, the bible is an epic story of love, betrayal, conquest, cruelty, and grace. Basically, it's moments of peace shining through tales of conflict. Knowing this reality will prepare us to truly experience personal victory. 

Let me break it down simply. Just a few words from Deuteronomy 20 can set us up for a lifetime of big wins. 

"When" - Conflict isn't optional. God never uses "if" with regard to spiritual war. It's going to happen and the only question is "when".

"You" - It's not clear if you'll be on the supply line or the front line, but you're going to war! And expect that there will be times when you catch live fire, it's unavoidable. 

"Go Out To" - Take the fight to the enemy. Don't cower until the enemy comes to you. The promise from Jesus was that hell's gates would not prevail against us. Storm the gates of every battle God calls you into. 

"War" - Things get broken and people die in war. Spiritual conflict is no different. Stand in the strength of God. In his power combat lies with truth, fight fools with wisdom, mix gentleness with shrewdness, and watch what God does.

You're going to war...go get a win!