Terror Attacks – Totaled Van – Fatherless Boys

Look at our world! The impact of sin and evil can be seen every day in big and small ways. But now look more closely.  You can also see God’s love, truth, and grace shining through in surprising ways. Here are three quick examples:

When Paris turned out its lights following the horrific attack on its people, the world turned their lights on. Across the globe, blue, white, and red illuminated each nations treasured monuments. There’s something about pure evil that causes the world’s conscience to come alive.

On a dramatically lesser front, a tractor-trailer carrying industrial equipment ran a red and all I could do was brace myself. The impact rattled me a bit but what rattled me most was to hear the other driver claim that he had a green light. Then a gentleman stepped forward to say that he saw my green light from a dental waiting room. We get a check in a week for the full replacement value of the 180 Chicago ministry van.

And finally, Spike Lee comes to town to shoot a movie called Chiraq. It releases Dec. 4th and depicts the ugly underbelly of Chicago. The mayor is furious because this film just looks bad on our great city – but it’s the truth. Yet we see God using men and women across our city. Churches are preaching, mentors are discipling and the gospel is going forward. 

Look closely...God is shining through. II Cor. 4:6 "Let light shine out of darkness"