“Just A Little Bigger Than Me”

God teaches us deep things about life, even when we’re running from him. That’s what God did with me when he showed me how much I needed his help in a whiteout on the coast of Alaska.

I was young, unafraid, and drove my dog team straight into the teeth of a fierce storm. In extremely cold conditions and my team unable to move, in fear, I called out to God. He heard me and I'm only alive to tell about it today because of his grace.

Years later God saved me from myself. That spiritual transformation led to a clear understanding of how God works in our life. He takes me back, in my mind, to that frozen moment in time. God wants me to never forget the secret to Christian living–we constantly need things in our life that are “just a little bigger than me”.

There is a ton we get done in our own power, strength, and ingenuity. But that’s not where the jazz and joy of faith is found. The secret has to get out. Here it is: We have to chase and be involved in things that are “just a little bigger than me” or we’ll shrink in our apathy or choke to spiritual death on our pride.

Take Joshua for instance, he didn’t look across the Jordan and say, “I got this”. No way! God told Joshua to be “strong and courageous” because he new for certain he needed a pep talk. Joshua essentially said to God, “I don’t think I can do this”. And that’s the point! Here’s the bottom line. God wants us dependent on him. And if we’re not, that thing we’re doing might not be from him.

So muster the courage to say it…”just a little bigger than me, God”!