Drink-In Grace

Some have leaned on grace to have a drink. Sure, I guess we have the liberty to indulge in many things, but to use grace as an excuse to tip a beer or sip wine is a shabby use of grace. Why would we leverage grace for something which grace is never needed. Isn't there more to God's favor?

Yes! God sent Jesus to walk us out of slavery to sin and into the wonder of a world we could only experience by his unmerited favor. Grace showers us with perspective in trials, grants us peace in pain, and gives us power over darkness. Grace lets us tip our toes in a pools of healing and drink deeply of God's presence. Grace isn't an excuse to live like we're lost...It's the freedom to live like we've been found. There IS more...so much more that is discovered in Christ.

Ask God to reveal the favor he's given you that you could never have smelled, sipped, or drank in your lostness. Lift your eyes to the one who gives us the grace of vision–to see beyond an earthbound perspective. Raise your praise to God and drink-in the grace he's given us. Live like you've been found.