Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Friends, 
I hope our celebration this season matches the magnitude of Jesus' birth. He was born to earth to save the world...not to condemn the world. No one figure has more shaped human history...let him into your life or open the door again if you hear him'll never be the same again.

In the spirit of life-change, I've been working on another book for a long while. My personal mission is to "inspire a spiritual revolution within the church that reaches the world". I have core conviction...God loves people and wants to give us a life that too few are tapping into.

On Dec. 30th I'll be releasing Vol. 1 of The Seven Series - Your Journey to Extraordinary. This is being first published for Kindle. There are 9 volumes in this series that include 7 liberating resolutions that will transform your life. They flow right out of Joshua 1:1-9 and are short, readable, and I pray...lead you to something truly extraordinary.

More later, but until then...MERRY CHRISTMAS!