Core Values - Key Competencies

As we head toward a New Year...we have a golden opportunity to align or realign our lives with God. God is constantly inviting us to risk the pain of life change and wait for his reward. 

I've been pouring over the scriptures for a number of years and have landed on several core values for my life. There might be more but if I can get these solidified in my life, I find that I'm on solid ground. I have also discovered that there a some key competencies that I need to allow God to grow in me. 

You might land on more values and could expand on my list of competencies but I offer these to you for your consideration. We're heading into a New Year, let's make it the finest year ever!

By the way, I have a new book that I'm releasing in a couple days. I hope it encourages you in a big way! 




Core Values






Key Competencies

          Biblical truth & wisdom

          Emotional guilt & shame

          Spiritual weapons & warfare

          Relational unity & boundaries

          Physical health & vitality

          Individual gifting & calling

          Vocational passion & excellence

          Financial peace & freedom

          Personal roles & goals

          Missional clarity & focus

          Eternal hope & reward