A Christian Response To Terror

The tragic events in San Bernardino have rocked the soul of our nation. We now know there are people in America that hate our values and aim to send shocking terror through the fibers of our culture. How we respond is critical.

Yes, strong boarders, national security and vetting processes are imperative if we wish to protect innocents and leave our children's children a legacy of peace. But what can't be lost is our calling - that the world may know of a life found only in Jesus.

We have a powerful message, as Christ followers, and to carry it into the world involves a high level of risk. There are no assurances that we will be safe this side of heaven. The only sure thing we can count on is persecution. Jesus said "you will be hated for my name's sake".

There is an even greater threat to our lives than terrorism. The greatest threat we face is fear, followed by retreat or hateful aggression. This will only steal our joy and rob us of the many blessings of witnessing lost people break though into the blue sky of salvation.

We have a calling and a hope! Our "ministry of reconciliation" is too rich a reward to cower from neighbors. And if we pray for our enemies to be conquered it should be, first and foremost, that their hearts are conquered by the love of God. God is still turning hearts of stone into hearts of flesh!

Lean in! Carry the message of hope with uncommon boldness. There are many millions of people who have yet to hear the message of the gospel and understand the greatest freedom known to mankind. Peace...

Matt. 10:23, II Cor. 5:18, Ezk. 36:26