Break Free (part 5): Get Grounded

"Don’t make huge decisions while while you're getting your spiritual feet under you”. If somebody would have spoken those words to me in early 1984 it might have saved me some pain and spared me some skinned knees. Now not every new follower of Jesus is ready to hear clear guidance and wisdom. I was so overwhelmed with the new life God gave me and that those huge chains of sin we’re breaking free, that I was all over the map. I was so enamored with my liberty and telling anyone who would listen, that I neglected to put needed space between opportunity and decision. I would soon find out that not all opportunities are from God and not all opportunities are my opportunities. 

I’ll never forget walking into that church on a sunny Sunday in early 1984. Looking at and listening to that young lady playing the piano was inspiring. Within 5 minutes I had concluded she was clearly God’s will for my life. One problem, I hadn’t consulted God and I really didn’t know how. But I plowed forward, talking myself past the the yellow and red flags we should have both seen. It wasn’t long and the plans were set. As the day got closer to the wedding I found myself in complete turmoil. There was on-going evidence that this young lady and I weren’t for each other and that we were headed for marriage on the wrong foot, or should not on solid ground. I was going headlong into a commitment without the wisdom of the Word or the counsel from people wise enough to say, “hold on here a minute”. Two weeks before the wedding I made a brutally tough decision. With the backdrop of gifts already coming in, plane tickets purchased, a wedding dress getting final touches, rings in the box, and everyone just waiting for the day, I backed out. This was incredibly painful for both of us for a short time. But over the next fews days I had several people coming to me saying some version of “glad you pulled the plug, we saw trouble coming”. We might of never divorced but we may have prayed for the death of each other. In case you’re wondering, we both went our own way and are happily married to different people. 

So here’s a couple key lessons for the person who is just coming into relationship with Christ or just getting back on track after being a derailed disciple. This applies to marriage and almost any other big deal you may face. 1. Get a couple wise people who have the courage to speak into your life. Even wise people don’t often share with you what they’re really feeling unless you’re bold and ask them straight out, with no agenda to hear what you want to hear. 2. Spend a good season of getting grounded in truth before you make any huge decisions. The time spent growing a strong foundation in Christ is the best gift you can give yourself. This isn’t selfish, it’s wise and people will appreciate and affirm you making the time to get grounded. There’s no time like the present to get grounded, there’s a whole lifetime to apply what you’ve gained. Make your biggest decision to get grounded and spiritual freedom will be more than a dream.

Psalm 119:105, II Timothy 3:16