Built To Last

When God built the first tabernacle he showed us how to build stuff, and build it right! Whatever we're constructing (or reconstructing), business, family, church, friends etc. Or whenever we're ready to let God totally renovate any area of our life, God showed us how to get it right!

Let me give away the punch line of Exodus 35: God builds the best things by touching our hearts, not manipulating our hands. This notion that God is a task master is just plain crazy. God used Moses to touch the hearts of people and give them a huge vision for what could be, if they put their hearts into it. Nothing has changed today. He's the same God who wants to touch our hearts. It's all about a "stirred" of "moved" heart.

Big News: God can build better stuff with one humble heart than with a hundred thousand capable hands! This makes abundant life attainable for everyone. When God "stirs your heart", he's about to do something beautiful and powerful. When our "heart is moved", we get unstuck from living in the past. When our "heart is moved", we pursue reconciliation and release that spirit of condemnation. When our "heart is moved", we bring our best and lay it all on the line without a need for something in return. When our "heart is moved", we get to watch God take what we have to offer and weave it into something beyond our imagination.

Life is a heart thing. When our heart is right everything seems to come together a whole lot better! 

Exodus 35