Let The Image Monster Die

There is a monster that demands we feed it, but it can never be satisfied. This monster is image. Image worries about acceptance, positions itself for approval and can seem to survive on scraps of affirmation. Feeding image is a thankless and hopeless task. We wind up living a life that doesn’t reflect our true self and, if honest with ourselves, a life we don’t even like. Good News: One of the greatest passions of God is to slay the image monster.

Here’s a liberating truth that we need plastered to the walls of our mind. God doesn't need us to get it right, that just feeds the image monster. No, God wants us to be like a flourishing kernel of wheat. The only way for a kernel of wheat to grow and for us to live out what God created us to be, is to “fall to the ground and die”. Jesus tells this story to describe the isolation and utter fruitlessness of being unbroken, and to invite us to die to self in every way. The image monster must finally be broken. That shell of perception and protection must be shattered so the life of God can live in us. Our secret for living is ALL about yielding to God and allowing our self-will to die. In business, family or any other ministry, we would do well to spend less time performing for others and more time killing the image monster. With every blow to image addiction we open ourselves, more and more, up to God. The beauty of God’s love, is that courage to kill the image monster is always rewarded by God by through both seen and unseen things.

Dying to self and killing the image monster isn't God's invitation to super spirituality, it's the way to experience the supremacy and power of God in our lives. Relying on our human capability can actually keep us from what is truly extraordinary. Depending on human approval will only leave us more alone than we could possibly imagine. The most dynamic work of God, the clearest breakthrough, and most radical change, can begin when we let the shell of image fall to the ground and be fully broken. When we’re ready to really live we need to let the image monster die.

John 12