Don't Let Shame Steal Another Minute Of Your Life

Nothing much seems to crush our spirit like shame. While shame is universally experienced it is rarely discussed. And then it slowly eats away at our very life. Shame steals our vision, clouds our perspective, and turns out the lights on our fellowship with God. And the goal of shame is to stay hidden.

But shame has a voice and it uses that voice to manipulate us. The voice of shame says, "don't talk about me, because the pain will get stronger and the weight will just get heavier". Shame talks us into doing anything and everything, as long as we don't do the most important thing. Shame compels us to rationalize or project, explain or blame but never does shame want us to get near to the most important thing. 

There is only one thing to do...period. Confess! Confession is the action that most renders shame powerless. Shame wants us to shut it up, God invites us to speak it out. But confession must be done thoroughly-biblically. Touch all the needed bases and soon we'll walk free. 

Confess to:

GOD - When we confess to God we're off-loading all our sin. Our sin is the host from which shame grows. Confession of sin results in forgiveness and forgiveness starves shame. The greatest gift of confession is that it's cleansing. Confession is like a shower for our soul. Please see I John 1:9. 

RIGHTEOUS FRIENDS - One of the greatest break-throughs we can gain, happens when we confess our failings to righteous friends. These aren't self-righteous people, but rather friends who have tasted God's grace, are unwilling to gossip, are quick to pray, and eager to watch us taste freedom ourselves. We need to take God at his word...confession promotes healing! Please see James 5:16.

Don't let shame steal another minute of your life...confess!