Die To Live

Die...because whoever loses His life will find it! It's not the usual invitation to greatness...but it's the only one that works. There is nothing so hopeful as the future with God...but there is nothing so painful as putting ourselves to death. Old ways of thinking...of relating...of surviving...of working...of striving...they all have to be held with an open hand. God will justly cull through the life we've made for ourselves. He'll save the pieces that mirror His image...He'll sever the massive chunks of sin. And just when you wonder if He has anything to work with...God rescues the forgotten...redeems the broken...renews the beaten...and plants seeds of transformation.

Die...so that your deepest desires have a chance to live. All wrestling in our own strength must come to a crashing end...so we can see God for who He truly is...and what He alone can truly do! Desires of our heart are met and exceeded when we find God to be our delight. And delighting ourselves in God...begins when we're finally done depending on ourselves. The death of self and sin may well alter or adjust our desires...but the desires born out of our death will never disappoint...God loves to deliver good gifts to His kids! 

Die...it's the delivery system to another world. The ways of God run counter to the crowds. Dying is all about swimming against the current of commonness. It opens us up to a new view...new people...new life...the new you. There is no goal worth pursuing...no dream worth chasing...without first dying. Great turnarounds require steep descent. Blue sky is appreciated most...when we've corkscrewed into the darkness of self-will...only to be pulled out by the awesome grace of God. So the goal is not to live to see tomorrow...it's to catch a glimpse of new-world living ...and it just so happens...that requires dying!

Matt. 16:25, I Peter 2:24, Gen. 1:27, Ps. 37:4, II Cor. 1:20, Rom. 12:1-2, Phil. 2:1-11