The New Mission Field

I guess there are two primary ways to look at our country. One view is that we're sliding morally and that we're now a post Christian nation. Although this seems quite accurate, we need a greater vision than just shaking our heads in disgust or ringing our hands in despair.

The courageous view is to see our nation as a new mission field that is chalked full of potential. We live among people, many who are distracted and could care less about God. But there are many more who are on a rabid search for substance and a slice of hope.

We can no longer assume that being raised in the greatest nation on earth, assures that our neighbors have heard the greatest message every told. I believe most haven't! We live among the very same "harassed and helpless" people that Jesus spoke of. Standing back with pity or antipathy will never work and it's ripping us off of true blessing. We cannot afford to withhold, from one person, the good news of new life in Christ. Their lives are too valuable and the eternal reward is too rich to walk away.

If we've truly tasted the power and love of God that frees us from guilt and shame, we can freshly offer our heart to be filled by God and let a passion boil inside us to share with others what we've been freely given.

Let's believe God for another great spiritual awakening in our nation. And let's tell God we're ready to roll. Hope spreads one precious life at a time.