Keep your eyes open!

One of my most amazing days of fishing in Alaska was almost missed. I was skimming the surface of the Little Susitna river near Anchorage. About 45 minutes into our downriver trip, as I was taking in the beauty of the day, I saw a quick flash of silver on the surface of the river. Nothing about the area made me want to stop. The river was wide and flat there. There was no evidence that this would be a good place to fish. No cut banks, back eddies–nothing that made this place look desirable. But that little flash intrigued me, so I slowed the river boat, steered back upstream and asked my friend to throw the anchor.

He was perplexed but I told him I saw something roll on the surface. The rest is, as they say, history! We fished that afternoon like I've never fished any day before or since. Thousands of silver salmon were piled into that stretch of river. It was several hours of casting, catching, releasing and doing it again until we were too fried to continue. At one point I was trying to release a friends fish with my own pole tucked under my arm and over my shoulder with a 10 lb. silver salmon dancing at the end of the line. We were hooting, hollering, and laughing our stomachs sore. 

Here's the simple principle: Keep your eyes open. In the least likely places and at the least likely time, God will show you a flash of something that lies just below the surface. Make no assumptions about where a good person is found, where God may provide a job, how God intends to provide for you, or how God plans to show you the love of your life. I've found that God loves to give us a glimpse of what could be and he wants to be always on the alert, not just for enemy attack, but also for blessing.