Encouragement-Get Some!

We need encouragement and we can't live well without it! A little encouragement can take us over monster mountains and across some treacherous streams. That one little word placed in the context of darkness and defeat, can bust us loose from imaginary chains and brighten up an entire day. We never outgrow our need for it, we're never too old for it, never too smart for it, never too average for it, never too poor or too rich for it, and we're NEVER too broken or too far gone to benefit from it. We ALL need encouragement. Better yet, our God invented it!

Encouragement is baked into the character of God. Encouragement so permeates God that He is known by it. No matter what you've believed about God's disposition. You may have forgotten or just missed this one: He IS "The God of endurance and encouragement". So it's high-time we stop making flawed assumptions about Him. He's not the God of quitting and condemnation, he's the God of long-haul victory. He has the passion to see us through failures big and small. Lock this one down: God has an inexhaustible vocabulary of encouraging words to get us to our feet again, and He's not afraid to use them. 

Now this may surprise you but it's true: It's good with God for you to seek out relationships that you come away "mutual encouraged". Positioning ourselves around encouraging people is critical if our desire is to love all people. God's arsenal of words that uplift and strengthen us are most often spoken through the mouths of his children. Sometimes you have to seek out encouraging people and say good-bye to others. Never look for people who will wink at your sin, but it's not even biblical to surround yourself with people who dis-courage and suck the spiritual wind right out of you. Let me be this brutally candid: You don't need someone who believes they have the spiritual gift of discouragement and feel called to break you down, that's not a gift and it's certainly not spiritual. Even the toughest truth can and must be spoken in love. So this is a day to unapologetically move toward streams of encouragement because life has it's deserts. Keep your eyes and ears open, you may be surprised who God uses to speak that next word that will nudge you toward another victory. But make no mistake, God IS a supernatural broker of encouragement, get some.

Romans 1, Romans 15, Eph. 4