You Look Dynamite

Life from God’s vantage point is radically different than ours. He looks past our appearance and sees right through our struggle for identity. God’s love plunges below the surface of our worldly thinking. That’s why it’s so hard to grasp what truly matters and it so easily slips through the cracks of our mind. But God does value different things than we do and he has the vision to see what really matters.

There are two reasons God told Samuel, “man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart”. First, God wanted Samuel to spot the future King, David. He would have missed him if he was looking for a strapping stud-muffin like Saul. Second, God wanted billions more people, like you and me, to be massively encouraged. To know that he can see the stuff that really matters and he has the capacity to make a heart beautiful is all God.

This is no knock of beauty that is skin deep. God’s not so shallow as to rip on good looks. Here’s the point: God creates beautiful people – outside and inside. But what matters most is on the inside – it’s the game-changer. God is looking for gorgeous hearts. He’s scouring the earth looking for knock-outs (at a soul level) and each of us can become one. A gorgeous heart will gorge itself on the presence, power and grace of God. A gorgeous heart will get called out of the crowd. A gorgeous heart can drop giants dead in their tracks. But here’s the kicker. None of us were born with a good looking heart. It’s a God thing that turns a heart of stone into clay and then molds it into a masterpiece. And if our heart is fully committed to him, we get invited to the front lines of big battles but also big victories. God looks at the heart. Give him something humble and broken to look at. The rest will become history and legacy…

I Sam. 16:7