Don't Get Killed By Comparison

Some spiritual disciplines can seem odd, hard to quantify, and not at all compelling. But if we take an honest look at our options, we can get fired-up in a second.

Focusing our life on God and having spiritual blinders can strike us as being relevant for only the hyper-spiritual. But "fixing our eyes on Jesus" is one of the most life-enhancing, fruitful, and fulfilling disciplines to pursue. God focus can actually save us from a ton of heartache and missed opportunities. Consider the common alternative–comparison. Comparison may have some slight benefit in basic measurement, but comparison is generally destructive.

Comparison can create ENVY. Comparing ourselves with others rarely produces gratitude for what others possess or have achieved. Competition is a solid truth of scripture, but it's aim is to get a huge personal win, not beat someone else or take them down. Comparison might get us moving, but if the motivation is to put us above someone else, the payoff will certainly be small. Envy springs up where comparison is planted.

Comparison can create APATHY. The reason God calls us to live extraordinary lives is simple. What's "normal" in this world is not enough for God's kids...period. If we want to live "better than most" we may well be settling for a life with a giant sucking sound. Abundant life will never be experienced by comparing ourselves to others. The absence of comparison gives us a chance at a vision and a life that's God sized. "Normal" is the result of living life by comparison.

So fix our eyes on Jesus. Lift up our eyes to God. Put on the blinders to block out comparison and soon we'll have power to live with love and compassion.

Psalm 121, Hebrews 12