We All Need To Know WHY

One of the things that kills churches is the heavy yoke of duty. When people are asked to do things without the bigger yes, we shackle them to law without shining the light on liberty. We introduce legalism and miss the joy of walking with Jesus into a great adventure.

A great gift we can give our kids, friends, colleagues, and neighbors is a vision of WHY it is we follow Jesus. Why we pray must come before how we pray...or we might miss the motivation to pray. Why we study scripture can motivate us to study scripture as never before. The promise of abundance, success, joy, power, and a whole lot more are God's Why! He never asks us to do something that isn't ultimately linked to the bigger why.

Everyone needs to know WHY before we give them the what and how. The story behind the action is the stuff that matters the very most. Vision answers the "why" question. From capital investors to curious kids...it's the "why" that moves them. 

Enjoy this link and please share it with someone who needs to see God's greater vision for their life.