Make Sure, You Are Leaky

Guest Blogger - Jim Strietlemeier

Last week, a seven years old boy, in my Sunday School class said “I want to make sure I’m saved.” It was the end of class. We had been working through memorizing the names of the books of the Bible. Our teaching was about Joseph and the coat of many colors. I wondered what had spurred the question. This young man has a particularly Biblical name. But up until the question about salvation, I thought his name was the only bit of Bible he knew. He and I worked through the Romans explanation of salvation. He already believed that God had raised Jesus from the dead. He confessed that Jesus was Lord. He seemed to have a clear enough understanding of the concepts. So clear, that I could tell him “if these things are true, you are saved!” I took him to the lady who brought him to church. She brings lots of kids to church, as do all our leaders. I found out that he and his brother had gotten into so much trouble that they were not welcome in another church. Of course he was worried about his salvation.

This is the case for all of us who know the Lord. We receive Christ. We grow in our knowledge and relationship with the Lord. We learn more of His Word. We begin to live the abundant life. We are filled with the Holy Spirit. We have prayed the prayers. Then we find our feet dirty from living in the world. Sin has intruded into our fellowship with the Lord and we feel a need to make sure that we are in Christ. The Apostle Peter tells us to make our calling and election sure. We are people who should be in the habit of confessing our sins to each other and especially to God, so that the faithful and just One will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. For those who attempt to keep short accounts with the Lord, we can agree with DL Moody, the best known evangelist of the eighteen hundreds. He answered about the filling of the Holy Spirit, “I need a continual infilling, because I leak.” We all must agree with the Apostle Paul, “Oh Wretched man that I am who will deliver me from the body of this death? But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The victorious life is one of moment by moment submission to God. But when sin stands in the way of the deep parts of walking with Christ, then we feel like that seven year old in my Sunday School class. Yet we have an answer. Make sure you are in the faith. Look to Jesus, the author and finisher our our faith. Then press forward with the confidence of a seven year old. And know that unless you change and become like a little child, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

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Hebrews 12:2, Matthew 18:2-4

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