Walk In Truth

Jesus invites us to walk a path less traveled. We stay on this path by something that gives joy to God and us..."walking in truth". Walking in truth is not about knowing more, it's about being consistent and aligned with what we know to be true.

Truth demands that we do what's right by others. Doing what's right requires spiritual eyes. We must look through and beyond external appearance. Because of the variety of colors, sizes, and uniforms we simply can't rank people by looking on the outside. And since we can't look at someone's inside, we should never prejudge any person. 

But doing right by others is best measured in what slides across our lips. Fear of God should manifest as being afraid to lie about anyone. Truth walkers listen to grand stories and rumors but wait to learn the whole truth before a word is repeated. Truth calms the group of friends by warning that haste has burned us all before...so we wait for the reward of being slow to judge.

Truth also demands that we share our own story with careful honesty. Truth is such a value in the life of a Christ disciple that we check our own stories for accuracy before we let it fly. We carve stories down to reality and revel in others finding encouragement and God getting the glory. Truth walkers watch God do more with a story born in humility than the grandest stories slow baked in pride. Truth backtracks and clarifies on what's shared with a colorful but damaging twist.

We stumble along the path and all of us have been tripped up by our own lies. Take time to soberly stand in the truth, today. Walking in truth is the surest way to stay on the path less traveled.

III John 1:4