The day will come when Satan will be “tormented day and night forever and ever.” Until that day, Satan will pull out all the stops to take down as many people as possible until his fate is sealed. Satan has several voices and he uses them with precision.

Temptation is the voice of Satan that baits us into getting ahead of God, or worse, playing god. The goal is rather simple but the effects are devastating. Satan sets a trap to convince us that radical independence is a good option. The bait on the trap is hand selected to match our current needs. Jesus was hammered by evil after a Spirit led fast (Matthew 5:1-11). Note: Some of our toughest battles come on the heels of deep spiritual adventures with God.

Jesus was hungry so Satan hung out the bait of instant bread. Satan also tempted Jesus to test God’s will to protect him. Then Satan came at Jesus with the bait of power. Each temptation of Jesus was an attempt to get our Lord to take a bite at something before it was time. Provision, protection and power are all ironclad promises, yes, even for you and me. But timing is everything in the Kingdom of God. Satan will often tempt us with the wrong things, but more often he tempts us with the good things, even God things, but it’s just the wrong time. 

Sex is a good thing in God’s plan at the proper time. The business you’re passionate to launch may just require a little God delay before it's time to go. That move across the city might be a month away or possibly it’s another state or country away. It's all about God and his good timing.

Satan doesn’t usually hold a gun to our head, he baits us into jumping the gun. Wait, wait, wait on God and soon you’ll experience the fruit of deliverance...“behold, angels came and were ministering”.

Revelation 20:10, Matthew 5:1-11