Half truths, twists, embellishments, and leaving out key details–It’s all just a thin veil for deception. Deception is a voice of Satan and he's not only mastered it, he invented it.

The fall of mankind into sin, cited in the Genesis account, is more than just temptation. The temptation of Adam and Eve had a healthy dose of deception. Think about deception as the truth with a twist at the very end. What makes deception so lethal is that it’s laced with good amounts of truth. Satan simple said to Eve, “for God knows…”. Yes, God is all knowing but the deception was that God was somehow withholding what was good and keeping it for himself. Subtle twists and turns can actually be used by Satan to get us headed the wrong direction. Every person who has a pulse has been sucked into Satan’s deception scheme. Deception is not just and Adam and Eve thing.

To really understand deception we have to understand the mask of deception. Get this, “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”. He plays himself off as an illuminator of truth and then slides in destructive lies from the shadows of utter darkness. This is serious and the solution required is the Holy Spirit. Deception can’t be sorted out on the fly. We can’t lean on man’s wisdom or hunches to separate out truth from lies. Jesus illustrated the need to sort out lies when he yielded to the Holy Spirit who will “guide you into all truth”. 

A few thoughts on deception that can keep you out of the ditch and walking the high road with God. 1. Watch your stories and story retelling. A story with 90% truth has too much lie for it’s own good. 2. Tell a story straight and true to the end or don’t tell it at all. 3. And when it’s a tale about someone else, it’s better left untold. Gossip is a breeding ground for twisted truth. 

The truth will set us free...

II Corinthians 11:14, John 16:13