The Danger Of Redefining Marriage

Dr. Winfred Neely was an on-air guest yesterday. He spoke eloquently regarding the dangerous comparison some are suggesting, when they see discrimination of a persons ethnicity and disagreement with another persons morality as equivalent...that to judge either is wrong. The problem is that ethnicity and morality are simply not comparable. Ethnicity is something God determined, and to condemn whatever God has created is simply wrong. Morality, on the other hand, has many potential expressions and even perversions. Our moral choices have free-will, we can each determine how we will express ourselves sexually.   

Homosexuality has a force behind it that it attempting to claim that to not approve of this lifestyle is equivalent to being a racist. To say we love the person with homosexual desires and yet disapprove of them acting on those desires is now equated with racism. This is not only untrue, it is dangerous. But behind this untruth is an attempt to mainstream homosexuality into the culture by way of marriage. But should we undo thousands of years of theology and culture? Isn't this reckless? 

N.T. Wright does an amazing job explaining why words, from an anthropological standpoint, truly matter. And that the symbolism of marriage which began in Genesis can't be pitched without great consequence. Please watch the video below...