Find Some Older (Wise) Folks And Listen Closely

We’ll face several critical decisions in our life that require some deep wisdom. Where we turn for answers will dictate our direction. And the direction we take can have significant downstream impact on both our life and our legacy.

God never intended for us to have a flip-the-coin decision making process. God is much more available and directional than we might imagine. Life should never be a “throw of the dice” for Christ followers. He wants to pour wisdom into us so we’re headed in a healthy direction and making decisions that are measured, prudent, produces immense joy, and overflowing life.

One of the biggest reservoirs of wisdom is God’s Word. The proverbs are loaded with truth that can give us nuanced insight and specific steps. But often we need wise counsel. Words from someone who has lived longer and has diligently applied the scriptures can shed light on a situation so we don’t step into a mirage of blessing.

This is exactly where King Rehoboam blew it. He’s the son of Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, but he opts for the wisdom of his friends. Rehoboam “abandoned the counsel of the old men”. This was a huge misstep that derailed his leadership and divided the kingdom. What we can learn from Rehoboam’s folly is powerfully preserving.

Wise counsel will tell us what we need to hear, not always what we want to hear. Find people who fear God more than they are enamored with us. Recognize that our peers usually have our same perspective and motivations. But don’t just find older people. Seek out counsel who is measured, has a good track record and wants us to get a win. We may well get some decisions wrong, but God has grace for those as well. The goal of seeking wise counsel is not perfection, but it is getting enough wisdom so we can feel confident in our decisions. Getting wisdom at the front end will give us confidence to move through trials to the very end.

I Kings 12