The voice of railing accusation rings out from the mouth of Satan every day and the intent is to distract, derail and defeat God’s kids. Satan’s voice will one day be silenced and “the accuser of our brethren with be thrown down”. The constant, “day and night”, barrage of accusations must be dealt with, if the child of God is going to stay on track with God.

Satan is splitting time between earth and the throne of God. He “prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” and carries accusations to God in an attempt to throw a wedge between God and his children. Accusation left unattended becomes of pile of defeat and unnecessary shame. The relief from accusation won’t be fully resolved until Satan is "thrown down”, but until then we can do one powerful thing that will offload emotional burden that comes through accusation.

The best thing to do with accusation is to face it head on. Literally "take every thought captive”. When a thought of accusation hits us we have two healthy responses. 1. Own and confess any aspect of the accusation that rings of truth. Unconfessed sin gives Satan’s chatter credibility and we need to strip him of that power. Confession "cleanses us of all unrighteousness” and allows us to move forward in freedom. 2. Throw the balance of accusations away and let God deal with it. Satan love to badger God’s children and keep us in a state of emotional turmoil, confusion, and defeat, even when our victory has been sealed.

When we find ourselves under a pile of accusation we need to dig out one issue at a time. Letting Satan’s voice go unchecked becomes an all consuming noise of discouragement. Grab an accusation and deal with it by owning/confessing it at a heart level or rejecting/pitching it to the foot of the cross.

It’s worth saying that we can’t allow ourselves to be sucked into Satan’s work. Any charge against a fellow believer must be grounded in truth, held to the scope of only those who need to know, and with the intent to restore. Any other motive lends support to the “accuser of the brethren”. Let’s strip Satan of added support by putting a check on our words.

Revelation 12:10, I Peter 5:8, II Corinthians 10:5, I John 1:9