Every voice of Satan is a warm-up for his final act. Soul crushing condemnation is the end game of evil with temptation, deception, and accusation all being aimed at burying God’s children emotionally. We have to both face the battle and throw ourselves at the mercy of God.

This is the scene playing out in Romans 7 and 8. The Apostle Paul is sharing his wrestling with sin and the massive spiritual conflict we all battle. To “do” what is honoring to God and fulfilling to us personally is a struggle that won’t ever end. And there he is…Satan waits in the wings of our deepest personal battles to pounce on every loss or defeat. Satan loves to use his voice of condemnation. It’s his way of marring what can never be stolen from us–our salvation. So let’s take a look at the answer for our wrestling, so we can shut the mouth of evil with the voice of truth!

1. We’re going to wrestle with sin. It’s true, there is a battle with “another law at work in our members”. This is the residual effect of being born in sin. It’s found in us and we have to own it. But it’s fueled by demonic deception and temptation. 

2. We can say with Paul, “who will deliver me from this body of death”? But just when we’re recovering from yet another blow of defeat, there is this, “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord”! God lowers the boom on the voice of condemnation by hammering back at Satan with the power of the name of Jesus.

3. This third reality is left untapped for too many. It’s time to leverage the voice of truth to shut down the lies of Satan. Six of the most liberating words spoken in all of scripture are these, “There is therefore now no condemnation…”. Not a little or just a bit, in Christ all condemnation is gone. 

Don’t let condemnation have the last word. Speak up and speak out just who you are–God’s prized child who is loved deeply and protected completely. 

There is limitless vision that God has for his children. Opportunity is everywhere for us who are "in Christ”. Knowing the voices of Satan is a critical thing for overcoming waves of beat-downs. But knowing the truth is what will truly set us free!

Romans 7:23, Romans 7:24-25, Romans 8:1, Proverbs 29:18