When God Calls

Nothing can strike fear into our heart like leaving what is familiar. The thrill of new adventure, new life, or a fresh start, is quickly diminished when we hear "get ready to go". Suddenly our surroundings can look pretty good. Those little things that drive us crazy about our life of mediocrity begin to have a nostalgic glow. The people we need to leave, the places we never wanted to stay and the very things that have held us back, now have a strange magnetic pull. That's for good reason. The predictability of familiarity becomes a dysfunctional friend. Time can build a bond with all that is unhealthy and that bond is only strengthened when fear of leaving it creeps in. Nothing can strike fear into our hearts like leaving what is familiar.

When God say's "arise" he simply means, "to stand, become powerful or arrive on the scene". This is the first test for any person who wants to live life to its fullest. When we're imagining or discussing a richer future it can seem real doable. But optimism and energy can instantly leave us, like someone pulled a drain plug, when God says "arise". All our will-power disappears. Those things you never liked about the status quo, now seem to look okay. The brilliant vision of a richer tomorrow fades to shades of grey. But we can't live in this cycle any longer. Spinning through visions of possibility followed disabling fear must come to an end. Leaving all that's become familiar is a fear that must be crossed over.

The fear of leaving will not simply vanish. With the slightest move we make to stand, we'll feel the increasing weight of fear. But we must cross over it, armed with brutally honest truth about the cost of never leaving. When God say's arise he intends to do a miracle. He won't remove the fear in total, but he will give us the spirit to get over it. In God's economy the only thing worse than not hearing from God is hearing and never moving. A promise needs to be possessed, a calling needs to be claimed, and that means a fear must be crossed over.

Joshua 1:2