When God Fights For Us

When God fights for us, we simply can't lose. The greatest personal battles in life can't be won unless the Lord wages war on our behalf. Some battles are lost simply because we move into the wrong field of war. At other times we move into the right field, but it's just not the right time. And at times we will lose a skirmish or two, but never because God is unable to deliver. God will allow setbacks or apparent loses. There might be lessons to learn, character might need to crafted in us and perseverance is always born through resistance.

Some saints have been called from righteous battles straight into the eternal presence of God. We can't know the mind of God, but moving in the will of God is the only way to forge ahead in a world filled with spiritual war. If we trust God with our life both now and for eternity, we only need to know that we are in step with God. God wants to remove the angst and fear that creeps into our mind and consumes our soul. God wants to fight for us and if God is for us, we simply can't lose.

There are a few simple spiritual way-points that can confirm we're tracking with God. What follows is a quick application from one chapter (Joshua 10) of Joshua's life:

  1. Consecration - God never demands perfection, but he does want our affection. Consecration looks to God in all his holiness and takes a knee. Consecration brings to mind all our aspirations, dreams, sins, wins, and offers them up without shame or reservation. Consecration postures our heart in a way that God can shape it and direct it. It's here that the masters work begins.
  2. Mercy - God loves the hurting and he helps those who run to the aid of people in pain. Any mission that moves toward the needs of people is a mission from God. Any mission or vision that God gives, will ultimately be aimed at the benefit of the hurting and disenfranchised. God's eye is to save the world and his ear is inclined to the brokenhearted. When our heart flows with mercy, we're in the river of God.
  3. Magnitude - God loves to put us into situations over our head. It's when we're faced with things beyond our capacity that we fall into a deeper sense of dependency. Never look at something daunting as anything but a chance for God to put his power and conquering might on display. We need to see God at work. You and I were made to witness and be in awe of God's strength. What we see God do today can humble us and prepare us for even greater battles tomorrow. God shows some of his most amazing power against our biggest foes, and often in the eleventh hour.

So this is the challenge for us today, and yes, even tomorrow. Simple but true...Consecration, Mercy, Magnitude. When God fights for us, we simply can't lose