How great would it be to go through life unwounded and unfazed? What if, more than fending off physical threats, we could take direct emotional/spiritual hits and keep stepping forward? That's not a foolish dream. If we get wrapped up and armored up in God's soul suit, we'll undoubtedly flinch but we can keep moving with victory.

There's a few things we've gotta get branded into our thinking:

1. People are NEVER the enemy. "Our battle is not against flesh and blood". We can see people's actions and hear their words but the power behind every shot we take is from a force of darkness. We need to look through people, almost make them translucent to the minds eye, and see that they are only pawns of spiritual "principalities" (Ephesians 6:12)

2. We must remember that we have all been a pawn of darkness at some point in time. Jesus didn't tell Peter to "get behind me satan" because he was the devil. Peter, in a weak moment, was being driven by personal agenda. He was hasty and off the page of God's plan and God's agenda. (Matthew 16:23)

3. If we fight flesh and blood with our own wisdom and strength we're going to get beaten badly. Sceva's boys got rolled and bloodied because they came to a fight in their own prideful power. If we take on dark forces, even if there's 7 of us, we'll hear the words "who are you" right before we get our spiritual keister kicked. (Acts 19:15)

Within each of us is the capacity to hold deep reservoirs of rich and powerful faith. To be so filled with the power of God that we see things for what they are. To recognize that well meaning people can harness a personal agenda and ride right over the top of others. To respond, not just in the name of God, but also with the words that flow from the God who indwells us.

We will never be fully bulletproof. But we can suit up in armor from the inside out. Yes, we can fend off direct emotional/spiritual hits and keep stepping forward!