Enough Is Enough

Forty years was enough. Joshua had received more than just a vision of the promised land, he had walked, touched, and tasted the promise of God. There was just one problem, he was blocked from taking hold of God’s gift because he was outnumbered by skeptics who had chosen instead to lock eyes on the giants in the land. 

But this was a new day. A fresh opportunity had been afforded him because he had never lost sight of the vision. It was etched in his mind and for forty years he must have risen each morning wondering what could have been. 

What about you? What has God given you a glimpse of? That vision to start something that is both beyond you but absolutely for you. To head into unchartered territory that will take everything God has placed within you and even more. That pull of God’s Spirit that’s filling the sail of your soul with hope, confidence and resolution to never settle for less than God's best. 

There comes a time when we all need to say, “that’s it!, I’m going in, going forward, and nothing but God himself will stop me, and only God’s power alone can carry me”. That’s exactly what this day is for you. And when you hear the call of God to “get up”, you need to move because too much is at stake to stay another day.  

Joshua 1