Talk Matters

Our tendency to go with the flow…means we need to make sure we’re with the right folks. The impact of those we surround ourselves with is immense. If we circle up with tellers of juicy tales, we’ll become gossips and liars. If we hang out with pessimists, we’ll get spiritually stuck. If we discount truth tellers, we’ll continue to live a lie. Talk can be cheap, conversation can get critical and whispers can be destructive.

There is a better way. God’s word is a tool of truth that acts like a mirror and a lamp – all at the same time. God’s word let’s us see ourselves more deeply than we perceive ourselves. It reveals these tough realities: A person’s character is reflected in their chatter. Take a listen to your voice and the voices around you – adjust accordingly. If we want to really grow, we need truth to light the path.

What fills our time and our mind will either produce life or chaff. Now this is a tough one: Better to be alone with God’s word…than to be surrounded by people with empty words. Spending a season away from what we’ve become, can usher in a season we’ve longed to see. Here’s the payoff – God doesn’t want us to “wither”, and he loves to help us bear “fruit in its season”. In short time, God will provide relationships with rather imperfect, but sincerely passionate, consumers of truth. We can witness change today!

Ps. 1:1-3