Take Sin Seriously...(even the smallest sins)

This week I heard word of another high profile pastor who had fallen morally. It made me sad and then caused me to stop dead in my tracks and ask myself, "What do you want to teach us Lord, what do you want to teach me"? I had heard John Piper speak of this classic by John Owen. It is tremendous!

It's never too soon to take sin seriously. If you desire to honor God with your whole life, this book will rock your soul and cause you to make tangible changes throughout your days. This is not legalism...it's wisdom and discipline. And don't be deceived by what you may write off as "small sins". Howard Hendricks often said, it goes something like this... "There's no such thing as a blowout...our life goes flat because of a slow leak". I don't believe I'll be the same as a result of reading this great work. Get this on your reading list...you won't regret it and it may save you from serious pain.

Another warning: Don't look at your life and assume that because you have stayed faithful to your spouse, or faithful in singleness, that it equates to purity. Many have grown cold in faith and suffer paralyzing, joyless living, and it's because sin has not only crouched at the door...we have allowed it to pounce on our soul. But in Jesus we have the victory over it all! Praise God!