SCOTUS Ruling < Radical Love

If what we love is the final judge of what is right...I'm certain that our "rightness" will cause us to spontaneously combust in a pile of regret. I've lived for what Karl loved and all it got me was addiction to Cocaine and room temperature Crown Royal. What we love or who we love on one day, has a way of surprising us the next.

Ten pounds of passion can't push five pounds of God's truth aside. We cannot redefine what was never ours to define. No matter how much we feel we've been enlightened in six short years, history proves that massive cultural shifts are often not as wise or as right as we once thought. Passionate love for something or someone that is outside of God's plan will give birth to very real pain-(delayed gratification and delayed frustration both take time to fully realize).

But the core issue on same sex marriage is not whether it's wrong or right. The bigger question is where will it "blessings or curses"? It's not difficult to swim against a frenzied cultural tide when you know a central life principle: We can deeply love things, and even people, that ultimately prove to be hurtful to ourselves and others around us. This is my life lesson and, if you're honest, it's all of ours. Every time I've gone the opposite direction of God's teaching, no matter how good and right it might have felt, it bit me in the backside or it ripped me off from what God had for me.

Two further notes: 1. I don't believe every heterosexual marriage is necessarily in step with God either. God has an awesome blueprint for that as well. For me it's more than a matter of right or's a matter of living out God's plan for joy...and not settling for less. 2. I can't expect people who don't see the benefit and authority of the bible or haven't tasted the goodness of God's personal transformation to agree with my positions. My final position must still be radical love from a God who loved me radically when I was totally missing the mark. Peace...