How To Find The Favor Of God

If you find favor with God you're in for a great ride! So here's a good question, a great question and the wise ask it... "how do we find favor with God"? Well, it doesn't fall from the sky–that's the lottery. It doesn't come through ceaseless repetitive begging–that's witchcraft. And it sure isn't handed out to any certain socioeconomic demographic–because there's just too many rich and famous folks who are miserable. Here's the beauty of God. His favor is found by anyone who "walks with God".

Walking with God is not some mystical thing for a select few. But there's a couple things we can conclude from the life of Noah. He went God's way when there wasn't a single person who went with him. He was tight enough with God that the potential of staying faithful outweighed the risk of compromise. I imagine that those lonely moments or days actually were used by God to confirm his courage, at a soul level.

Favor is found when you're willing to walk God's way. But you have to hold on to this: No matter how many steps you take to get distance from fouls and foolish behavior, you will never walk alone. Step out. When we walk with God, the favor cloud travels with us and at the God appointed times it will shower down.

Genesis 6:8-9