Don’t Stick Around And Try To Fix It

Spiritualizing when we settle for less than God’s best is an epidemic. Many Christians think it’s their job to repair complex situations even though what’s really needed is divine intervention. It can seem noble to stay and fix what is broken. We get deceived into thinking that God needs us to lend a hand - even when God said "let's go".

Seeing a cup half full is great, but if the cup is cracked and can't hold water unless we keep filling it, then we're just fooling ourselves. Sometimes we get pinned by broken situations; toxic relationships, unwise endeavors, and general life circumstances that are simply beyond our repair, it’s God’s job. Since we live in a broken world and perfection is not our goal, God may call us to be part of a solution. But more often we’re just hurting ourselves and preventing God from doing a great work, simply because we're in the way. Get this right now: We can’t really fix anything…that’s God job and not sticking around might actually be the most help yet.

When God says "arise" it's because our time, in this place, is up. God is never hasty or reckless with lives–he is ultra intentional. He will never sabotage one person for the sake of another. So we can’t let a sense of duty or obligation to overwhelm us. With the exception of marriage, kids and binding agreements, we are free to move on. 

When we finally realize that we are not the primary fixer of any person, place or thing, the passion to never settle for less begins to build. Obligation and guilt causes us to lean heavily on our own understanding, while trusting God with all our heart will stand us up and make our path straight. It's true, you can't fix anything. But fear not, God's got everything you're leaving and wherever you're going, fully under control. 

Proverbs 3:5-7