Freedom Of Speech For Christians

Freedom of speech for Christians is not a liberty to use recklessly, but it must be exercised. I believe that our freedom requires both the calculation to not sound like a lunatic & the courage to speak in the face of cultural lunacy.

The harvesting of an unborn babies vital organs by "crushing" the baby, so as to not damage the organ is truly the mindset of a lunatic. And we as a nation are complicit through our silence. As Ed Stetzer has said, "Sadly, if Planned Parenthood was selling the body parts of puppies, not aborted babies, the mainstream media would actually cover it."

We are becoming a carnival of hedonism. Oblivious to our shame, we instead rabidly resist the sweetness of truth and civility.

But freedom of speech for the Christ follower champions most the life that is found in Jesus. Our mantra is life in Christ alone. Our drum is grace. In Him, we are just a recovering carnival attendee who was called out of hedonism into the enjoyment of the mercy and love of a good and gracious God. Remember, no one is beyond his reach - I wasn't.