GET A JOB...That You Love!

I had another great segment on radio yesterday with Robert Dickey – President of Crown Financial Ministries. I'm passing along some great info that could be a key that unlocks the future for you or someone you love. Here's Bob...

Just like we moved from over 80% of our population being in the farming business over a hundred years ago to less than 3% today...we are going through a similar transition today.

The cool thing about this is that to get at the front of the line, have great opportunities, you don't need a college degree. You can learn programming from your home by taking MOOCs from the best universities around the country or places like Udacity or CodeAcademy. This info graphic shares some information that your radio listeners might find interesting. Can you imagine learning Ruby on Rails or Python (coding language) at home and having a starting salary of over 100k?  It's happening right now. 

I spoke to a recent college grad from Duke who was returning from interviewing on the west coast with Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Four of the hottest tech companies out there...I asked him...did your Duke background get you those interviews. He said it helped but that mostly they just cared if he could program and they wanted to look at his work...he said flat out that many people were being interviewed and hired without his background. In the tech sector it is all about can you do the work and get the results. It is very binary. 

As I said on the show today...don't fear hard...Fear easy. The easy path in this economy will lead to insecurity and less options. If people put in the hard work at the start...go the extra mile...learn to code...and they will be in the drivers seat in this new economy. Those out of work or looking for a career transition need to be looking in this direction!

So check out this great info graphic and thanks to you, Bob!