Sliced For Good

I'll not soon forget the sharpness of a fillet knife I had just purchased. Showing a friend what an edge it had, I drew it through my fingers and sliced open my finger. Absentminded...yes, but the tenderness of my finger tip to this day reminds me of God's Word. Truth is "living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword..." (Heb. 4:12). 

God has a way of cutting off the fat and getting to the raw meat of truth. His end game is our good. Here's some quick thoughts from the context of Luke 15. Surprisingly, the real aim of this passage goes two directions, with equal impact and relevance. 

Son #1
Victim of his Passion
Tried to SELF GRATIFY in the stuff he could GO GET

Son #2
Victim of his Pride
Tried to SELF JUSTIFY by the hoops he could JUMP THROUGH

Big Idea:
God has far more compassion for those who are turning from a binge of self-gratification…than those who are still standing in their self-justification.

There is no real party for prideful religious people who elevate themselves above others. When spiritual leaders let bitterness and envy keep them from reconciliation with God and man, they will continue to stand just outside the real celebration.

The business of God is to descend into a world that is full of broken and lost people, to reach each of us through his kindness, to touch each of us with his power and grace – to save us and celebrate with us.