Don't Let Fools Get You Down

Some people, motivated by fear, anger, or envy, will attempt to beat you down but don't let it happen. Even Jesus, when dealing with demons and seeing a precious mute man set free, was labeled "the prince of demons". Jesus couldn't win for losing.

There are plenty of times when our vision and actions are anything but godly, but let people without an agenda speak into those things. Love and passion for your life and liberty will be the hallmarks of those people. We simply have enough adversity in our lives, we don't need to borrow trouble.

Some may think it's godly to put yourself at the mercy of anyone's counsel or correction. No, counsel with personal agenda is like listening to "lips of a fool" and you don't want to be close by when those words "consume him".

Get up and go. Don't let words of the past, present, or future keep you from God's best. The best isn't always easy but it's only found through the love of God and man.

One added note: Make certain that we counsel from the rock of Christ's love or it's better that we not speak. Thoughtful heart checks and seeing people as beautiful to God can provide us with words "like apples of Gold in a setting of silver".

Matthew 9:32-34, Ecclesiastes 10:12, Proverbs 25:11