Habits Are Critical (Part 3)

Step #3 Build New Habits

This is the most exciting and transformational aspect of real and lasting change. When bad habits are broken and our thinking has been renewed we’re primed for establishing practices that build momentum. 

When we’ve broken with the old and have our thinking aligned with God, we can do exactly what we find in Ephesians 4:24 “…put on the new self”. That’s the reward. Ordering our routines and life practices in a way that is healthy and consistent with God’s vision for our life is the big payoff.

But there’s another upside of new habits that is often a surprise and one that you’ll taste right away. Building new habits allows us to take control of the our most precious commodity – energy. Time is of great value but energy expended in the right direction and on life giving efforts is the great reclamation that will drive true and lasting change.

There is a new spiritual ride, the momentum loop, and you can get on this ride. Hang on…if you have the courage to Break - Renew - Build, you’ll find that God can change everything.